Tuesday 10 January 2017

E2B v1.88g Beta available

Changes from 1.87 are:
Changes from previous Beta version 1.88e are in bold
  • Add Server 2012 R2 Std Eval Product Key file
  • Update of Wincontig
  • Update SDI executables
  • Can now use .isofira or .isofira01 for Strelec WinPE ISOs
  • MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd now only works on the USB root (\) folder and all folders under \_ISO. Any user folders under the root (e.g. disk backups, applications, etc.) will not be made contiguous when the script is run.
  • Latest version of grub4dos 0.4.6a
  • New jpeg-based default purple background for 2017 - should load faster.
  • Some changes to QRUN.g4b and language files.
  • New version of SWITCH_E2B.exe 1.0.13 (small bugfix)
  • Improved Spanish language files (thanks DW!)

The v1.88g Beta Download is available from the Alternate Download Areas.

Also in 1.88g, DW has kindly updated the Spanish STRINGS.txt and F1.cfg files.

SWITCH_E2B v1.0.13
The previous SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.12 and previous versions created a slightly differently sized partition entry than the one created by grub4dos. This meant that if you switched in a .imgPTN file and then re-formatted it (e.g. to install linux onto it), the partition created was of a slightly different size depending on whether you used SWITCH_E2B.exe (larger - size on disk) or the grub4dos E2B menu (size of file) to create the partition table entry.

Due to this inconsistency, my previous instructions always said to use the E2B grub4dos menu to switch in an image if you were then going to immediately re-format it (e.g. to install linux), however now you can use SWITCH_E2B v1.0.13 or the E2B menu to switch in the image.

MacBook 3 Theme
DW has also provided a Mac3 theme wallpaper and MyE2B.cfg file (set for Spanish language and keyboard). I have added it as MacBook3_Spanish_DW.7z to the Alternate Downloads - Themes folders if you want to use it.

MacBook3_Spanish_DW.7z Theme
DW's wallpaper Macbook3.bmp file is 1.4MB and uncompressed so that you can edit it if you wish.
However, for faster loading you can use the LZMA Encoding script in the \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\LZMA folder (drag-and-drop the .bmp file onto the LZMA_ENCODE.cmd file) to reduce the .bmp file to just 216KB.

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