Tuesday 20 September 2016

E2B v1.84 released

E2B v.1.84 full version is released.

Changes from v1.84c beta are:

  • official grub4dos 2016-09-20 release (should be similar to the test version in 1.84c)
  • Some more Download URL links added to \_ISO\docs folder
  • Cub Linux + persistence Sample Mnu File added.
The 'SultryWoman' bitmap and MyE2B.cfg file are available
from the Alternate Downloads - Themes area.

Changes since v1.83 are:

  1. Parrot+persistence sample .mnu file added. 
  2. New feature: if user presses u key during early booting to Main menu, the grub4dos USB 2.0 driver will be loaded. 
  3. Change to SDI_CHOCO Sample_MyStartup.cmd so that -y and unchecksummed packages are accepted. You may need to add the extra code to your MyStartup.cmd file?
  4. Add 'Download URLs' folder to \_ISO\docs\ folder. 
  5. Add Win7 SDI_CHOCO XML files. 
  6. Fix SDI_CHOCO.cmd so does not pause if installing Win7. 
  7. Add E2B_WINHELPER_&DW.zip for Zalman\IODD. 
  8. Fix problem of F1 Help menu title not displayed (all languages). 
  9. Sample WinNTSetup diskpart script files added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\WinNTSetup folder
  10. Fix bug - if animated icon in menu, then XP+DPMS install is broken (asks for floppy disk).
  11. grub4dos 0.4.6a 2016-09-20
Download from the E2B Alternate Downloads area.
Updating your USB drive is quick and easy - see here.

I hope you find the new 'Download URLs' folder in the \_ISO\docs folder useful. Feel free to suggest other links (relevant to E2B).

Let me know if you spot a problem!

P.S. SDI (Snappy Driver Installer) has just released a new v496 version but it is not included in E2B as it is too 'new' and not tested. v1.84 includes Snappy v494.

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