Monday 25 April 2016

MPI Tool Pack v0.065

MPi Tool Pack 0.065 changes
  • Add extra usb driver menu entry
  • New grub4dos grldr version 20160326
  • MakePartImage.cmd now searches all drives from C: to Z: for the ImDisk virtual drive (previously only searched up to U:).

Menu entry #8 will attempt to install the fast USB 2.0 read/write grub4dos driver and then reload the menu.

This is useful if the user booted via Plop!, because Plop! is a read-only driver. This will load the grub4dos USB 2.0 driver and then reload the menu to correctly initialise the boot files on the drive.

The grub4dos USB driver is also faster than the BIOS USB 2.0 driver, so you may find it useful on systems which have slow USB BIOS support or if you have a slow USB 2.0 flash drive.

The grub4dos USB 2.0 driver only supports a limited sub-set of USB controllers (Plop supports a slightly wider range), so it may not work on all USB 2.0 systems.

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