Saturday 23 April 2016

Any suggestions for E2B YouTube videos?

I am thinking of adding some more short YouTube videos on E2B.

Here is the list of potential videos that I am thinking about (in no particular order):

  1. Adding different Hirens ISO to E2B
  2. Adding VHDs to E2B
  3. Tips and Tricks - Using VBOX and RMPrepUSB-QEMU without dismounting drive,  pwd 32 and 64 and AUTO extensions, menupwd and pwd - using md5, different background for menus, stopping suggestions - .isodefault, NOSUG AUTOCSM, ISOBOOT  SHIFT-ENTER, CRC32, pausing enumeration with SPACEBAR, silent boot (reduce grub4dos messages), global hotkeys, use unattend.txt or winnt.sif files with XP ISOs set PICKAUTO=YES, slow booting - use text mode, add option to text-mode boot for faster booting on slow systems, add STAMPs to E2B
  4. MyE2B cfg - Reduce messages, Display background during enumeration
  5. How to use E2B_Editor - heading and footer, centre headings, etc.
  6. Using large fonts with E2B - set FONTH=24  - rows\cols, alternate fonts, 800 and 1024 modes
  7. Set up E2B for single menu
  8. How to auto-run Windows ISOs from a menu
  9. How to make XML files to auto-install Windows ISOs.
  10. How to remove Windows XP menus from E2B  NOWINXP
  11. Setting up a language and keyboard in E2B - change language mnu, add choice in MyE2B.cfg
  12. Protecting E2B  - .pwd, md5 encrypted passwords, menupwd, using pwd in extensions, master pwd in MyE2B.cfg, monthly PIN code, set expiry date, clone protection, Protect.cmd
  13. Configuring CSM menu - set a default timeout, delete unwanted entries, use your own menu and background CUSTOM folder
  14. Tips for speeding up E2B - reduce files, text mode, etc.
  15. How to add STAMPs to E2B
  16. How to make and use E2B under linux
  17. Using .key and .xml files with Windows ISOs on E2B

If you have any suggestions for Easy2Boot YouTube videos or want to vote for some of these, please use this link to anonymously send me your requests (no login or personal details needed) or add a comment below.

For a list of all my current YouTube videos, click here.

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