Monday 20 April 2015

Easy2Boot Menu Editor

If you are feeling adventurous, try the new E2B Menu editor (written in VB6).
A Beta version can be found in the E2B Alternate Download pages.
Note: the first version required COMDLG32.OCX control - there is a separate ZIP file to install and register this. Subsequent versions don't require the OCX.

Just extract the .exe file and copy it to the \_ISO folder of your E2B USB drive (which is probably where I will put it in the next version of E2B).
If you wish, you can instead copy it to a folder on your hard drive, but it does look for the Sample_MyE2b.cfg and/or MyE2B.cfg in the same folder.

You will need to provide a .bmp bitmap for the background (best if it is in the same folder) - this cannot be a compressed .gz file - just provide a plain 24-colour .bmp file (either exactly 800x600 or 1024x768).

You can use the mouse to draw the menu and\or adjust it by changing the menu parameter values.
When you are finished, click the  red button to save the changes as MyE2B.cfg (if you say 'No' then it will just show you a temporary file with the new MyE2B.cfg values).

Use the latest v1.65 version of \_ISO\Sample_MyE2B.cfg and it will also copy over any 'Advanced' settings that were in the file. It copies all text below the line:
# ---------------------------------- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS ----
to the new MyE2B file.

There is a problem with the highlighted menu entry background colour which I am still working on (see below), but it should be usable.

Once you have created your new MyE2B.cfg file, boot the E2B USB drive using the QEMU .cmd file in the root to test it.


The problem with the menu highlight colour (shown as item 0 in the screenshot above) is that you can either

1. Specify a range of 15 colours for the foreground and background colour using:

color highlight=cyan/red


2. Specify any 24-bit colour for the foreground colour and have a transparent background using:

color highlight=0x00FFFF

(i.e. you cannot AFAIK specify a 24-bit highlighted text background colour)

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