Monday 6 April 2015

E2B v1.65b with auto-hotkey feature

This new Beta has the updated grub4dos hotkey utility which chenall has kindly enhanced for us!

I have also improved the speed of the code that counts Windows ISOs.

Menu on my E2B drive used for testing, etc.

The new AUTOMENU hotkey jump feature is now enabled by default. e.g. press the f key and the Fedora menu #18 will be selected (but not run). Press the f key again and Fedora menu #19 will be selected.

Note that if you press the p key, instead of being prompted for the grub4dos password as with the old version of hotkey in E2B, any menu entry beginning with p will be selected. To enter the grub4dos password you must use the SHIFT+P keys. The same is true if the c (for command console), e (for edit menu) and b (for boot) grub4dos keys.

You can disable this new feature in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file

# ----------- AUTOMENU feature -----------------
# E2B will allow you to press the first letter of a menu item to jump to it - p, e, b and c keys for grub4dos  will only work if SHIFT is held down
# AUTOMENU = OFF will disable the AUTOMENU jump feature

Let me know if you like the new feature or not, as that will be the default for v1.65 when it is released.

Note that a few menu items have hotkeys defined which will immediately load the next submenu:
D = Direct Boot (AUTO) menu
W = Windows Install menu
I = Windows Boot menu
M = Memory test sub-sub menu from Utilities menu

So any menu entries beginning with these letters will not be selected when you press one of these letters, instead it will immediately load the sub-menu.

To fix this, I will change the hotkeys that are defined in the STRINGS.txt files in the next beta - e.g.
$$STRmAUT=^Ctrl+D DIRECT BOOT Menu       [Ctrl+D] (\\_ISO\\AUTO)\n Boot any file in the \\_ISO\\AUTO folder and below.
$$STRm016=^Ctrl+A ANTIVIRUS Menu         [Ctrl+A]\n AntiVirus utilities
$$STRm022=^Ctrl+B BACKUP Menu            [Ctrl+B]\n Backup menu
$$STRm018=^Ctrl+O DOS Menu               [Ctrl+O]\n MS-DOS and FreeDOS utilities
$$STRm020=^Ctrl+L LINUX Menu             [Ctrl+L]\n Linux ISOs, etc.
$$STRm024=^Ctrl+U UTILITIES Menu         [Ctrl+U]\n Memtest, etc.
$$STRm026=^Ctrl+P WINPE Menu             [Ctrl+P]\n Bootable WinPE's
$$STRm003=^Ctrl+W WINDOWS BOOT Menu      [Ctrl+W]\n Windows Boot menu
$$STRm0WI=^Ctrl+I WINDOWS INSTALL Menu   [Ctrl+I] (%CALL% present)\n Install Windows to a Hard Disk using an ISO file.
$$STRm012=^Ctrl+M MEMORY TEST Menu       [Ctrl+M]\n System Memory Test utilities

See v1.65c for these latest changes + current language is shown in the Menu Footer Help text by default.
1.65c has different hotkeys for some menus and the current language is shown in the Footer Help text by default.

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