Monday 1 December 2014

Easy2Boot v1.61Beta3 available (adds direct boot from non-contiguous linux ISOs)

For Beta2 changes see here.

Beta3 additions are:

1. When installing directly from a Windows Install ISO (Vista or later), the cfadisk device driver is now loaded automatically. This means that by the time Windows Vista/7/8/10 Setup GUI is displayed, all partitions on a Removable USB drive are accessible to WinPE\Setup. Normally, Windows will only mount and make accessible the first partition of a Removable drive.
This means that, in theory, (not yet tested!), if you use a special .mnu file, you can locate your Windows Install ISO files (and whatever .xml and .key files too) on a different partition on a Flash drive.

Note: Now removed in Beta4 because the driver causes problems with Win 8.1 64-bit Install ISOs!

If you would like to be able to treat Removable USB drives as a Hard Disk for Windows installs, you can add the cfadisk driver to the boot.wim file using 'devadevs' method, described here.

2. More direct ISO booting support for more linux non-contiguous ISO, list is now:

  • ubuntu
  • linuxmint
  • fedora     (FAT32 drives only - not NTFS)
  • kali
  • opensuse
  • sysrtemrescue
  • knoppix
  • debian
  • tails
  • gparted
  • centos
  • arch         (user will be prompted for 32-bit or 64-bit boot, if dual ISO)
  • zorin
  • pclinux (FAT32 drives only - not NTFS)
  • avg
  • porteus
  • slax
  • slackware
  • makulu
  • antix
  • crunchbang
  • acronis
  • paladin

Note that not all versions may boot and the full menu of each iso is not displayed. 
This is only used if the files are not contiguous and the CONTIG.ISO copy process fails.
The code is in \_ISO\e2b\grub\isoboot.g4b if you are interested.

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