Thursday 11 December 2014

Add the Polish Arcabit Rescue CD to your Easy2Boot USB multiboot drive

You can use the following .mnu file to add Arcabit to E2B (FAT32\ext2\3 drives only)

Easy2Boot will boot directly from the ISO file, but updates will not be persistent. By extracting the files from the ISO and making a .mnu file, we can get the virus updates to be stored on the FAT32 USB drive.

There is a solution for NTFS E2B drives too...

# Extract contents of arca-rescue.iso to the root of the E2B USB drive
# rename \boot to \arcaboot, do not move or rename \arcascan or \cde folders
# Note: exFAT or NTFS E2B drives will not work! 

title Arcabit AV Rescue Disk\n Boot Arcabit from  extracted files\n Updates will be persistent
kernel /arcaboot/vmlinuz loglevel=3 cde desktop=flwm_topside tz=CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3
initrd /arcaboot/core.gz

I found the arca-rescue.iso file in the C:\ProgramData\ArcaBit\iso folder after running the Generator utility (you can abort from the Generator after the ISO has been downloaded but before it wipes the USB drive).
The arca-rescue.iso file is downloaded by the Arca Rescue Disk Generator application first before it makes a bootable USB Flash drive. You can extract the files from inside the ISO using 7zip.


1. Download the  Arca Rescue Disk Generator application
2. Run it and select a USB drive (any drive - it will not be written to as will will abort later)
3. Click on the first option and it will start to download the iso file
4. When you get to the "Uwaga" confirmation box - click No to abort

5. Find the arca-rescue.iso file - .e.g C:\ProgramData\ArcaBit\iso folder
6. Extract the contents to the root of your E2B USB drive and change the folder name of \boot to \arcaboot.
7. Add the .mnu file to the \_ISO\MAINMENU folder (or \_ISO\MAINMENU\MNU or \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS or whatever).

NTFS E2B drive?

Note: If you have a non-FAT32 E2B drive (e.g. NTFS), then extract the contents of the ISO to an empty folder on your PC's hard drive and add the .mnu file to folder too (top level), then rename it to menu.lst:


Then drag-and-drop the folder (e.g. C:\temp\Arca) onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut to make a .imgPTN file - choose the Combine option when prompted to combine the menus. Now copy the .imgPTN file to your E2B USB drive (e.g. C:\_ISO\MAINMENU).


  1. Hi,
    where can i find the file menu.lst for arcarescue for ntfs system of e2b usb drive

    1. All sample .mnu files are normally in the \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files folder.

    2. P.S. Since this article is 6 years old, things may have changed a bit since then!