Wednesday 26 November 2014

E2B v1.61Beta 2 available

v1.61 Beta2 has these additions (compared to v1.60):

1. Italian language files added (thanks to Fabrizio)
2. Can specify both a specific ISO and XML file for a single Windows Install ISO from a mnu file.
3. German language STRINGS.txt improved.
4. isoboot.g4b added to boot some non-contiguous linux ISOs,
5. Fix problem with F1 menu heading
6. Better menu heading positioning using HEADPOS variable, menus left-aligned, Footer Help text directly positioned by HBTM variable.

The grub4dos batch file isoboot.g4b is now run if you attempt to boot from a non-contiguous payload file from any of the normal menus (not Windows Install Menu) but only if the CONTIG,.ISO dd copy fails. This can occur if the CONTIG.ISO is not big enough or missing.

The isoboot.g4b batch file will look at the filename of the ISO (so don't change it too much!) and attempt to run the ISO by using the map --mem grub4dos command and cheat codes such as 'fromiso=' and 'iso-scan/filename=' - in this way a non-contiguous linux iso can be booted.
Also don't use spaces in filenames!

The problem with this method however, is that even different versions of the same linux distro vary in what cheat codes are needed and many don't even support booting from an ISO file in this manner! Also, some distros (e.g. Fedora) are not able to access the ISO file if it is on an NTFS USB drive.

Currently, isoboot.gb4 looks for these strings in the iso filename:

  • ubuntu
  • linuxmint
  • fedora     (FAT32 drives only)
  • sabayon
  • kali
  • opensuse
  • slackw     (slackware)
  • sysresc    (systemrescue)
  • knoppix
  • debian
  • tails
  • gpart        (gparted)
  • centos
  • arch         (user will be prompted for 32-bit or 64-bit boot, if dual ISO)
  • avg

It is quite possible that some versions of some of these distros may not boot, so please report any linux ISOs that don't work (especially ones larger than 500MB that won't fit in CONTIG.ISO).
Note that Puppy cannot be booted just from an ISO file.

If you want to test any ISOs directly using isoboot.g4b, you can use the \_ISO\docs\Sample .mnu Files\$$BootNonContigISO.mnu file (copy it to the \_ISO\MAINMENU folder). You can then test-boot any linux ISO that is present in \_ISO\MAINMENU using that menu entry.

The ISOs 1-13 were tested.

The grub4dos commands are displayed before it attempts to boot!

This method is nowhere near as reliable as the E2B (partnew) boot method and also does not display the full boot menu contained within the ISO - so only one boot mode (live boot) is made available.

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