Sunday 16 November 2014

Add multiple WindowsToGo MBR+UEFI payloads to your E2B USB drive

If you want to UEFI-boot from a WindowsToGo .imgPTN file on Easy2Boot, the system partition needs to be FAT32 to support UEFI-booting.

I have added instructions on how to add WinToGo .imgPTN files that will boot in both UEFI and MBR modes, to the website here. It uses two partitions, one small one for a FAT32 system partition and a large NTFS partition for the Windows boot files.

I have used WinToUSB instead of DISM or ImageX, so that only one command line needs to be typed by the user during the whole process. If you use WinNTSetup.exe instead, then no command line needs to be typed.

I have only tested the process with Win8.1 x64, but it should be the same for Win8 and Win10. For Win7 you may need to tweak the process slightly.

I have not tested the process on UEFI 32-bit OS's or systems...

Why not add the Windows 10 Technical Preview to your E2B USB drive and take it round to your friends house to demo it on their system?

Tip: Boot to Windows 10 Threshold 2 (1511)  WindowsToGo and activate any Win7/8 system using that systems Win7/8 Product Key. Then it will be registered for Win10 so you can install Win10 on that system for free after the Microsoft July 2016 free-upgrade deadline!

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