Saturday 28 September 2013

RMPrepUSB and E2B updated

RMPrepUSB v2.1.713 - change for Config Set feature and auto-ext2 volume creation.
E2B v1.11 - bugfix - Autounattend.xml and Unattend.xml should have been cleared on booting but there was a typo in the menu.lst (probably for last 6 or so versions!). This means that you may have found your PE ISOs mysteriously loading the ISO as a virtual drive once they had finished booting!

Download link for zip file for E2Bv1.11+DPMS2 Mass Storage drivers is now fixed - please try again if all you got was a few hours ago! I use DropBox to provide direct downloads of larger files because 30MB is too large for Google Sites.

P.S. If you don't use DropBox I recommend it. Just keep any important files that you would hate to lose if you had a disk crash or a fire, in a DropBox folder on your hard drive. I keep my development folders in a DropBox folder, that way if the program crashes and corrupts my source files (which has happened!) I still have the older versions stored on the DropBox Server. It is also great to be at work or a friend's house and log onto DropBox and get access to all my files without having to remember to copy them to 'cloud storage' first before I left! Use this link to register with DropBox (free!) and get an extra 250MB of storage.

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