Wednesday 18 September 2013

RMPrepUSB 2.1.711 now available

In previous versions of RMPrepUSB, if you wanted to make a file containing an ext2 filesystem that had a different volume name from that of the ext filename, you had to first create the ext2 file first and then rename it.

This is because when you specified the filename, the volume label was automatically set to the same name as the filename by RMPrepUSB.
i.e. if you set the Filename as 'casper-rw' then:

Filename = casper-rw
Volume Name = casper-rw

This meant that if you wanted a file called  'fred' but with a volume label of 'casper-rw' you first had to create the ext2 file with the filename (and volume label) of casper-rw and then rename the file to 'fred'.

This new version of RMPrepUSB prompts you for the Volume Label as well as the File Name, so you can now specify 'fred' as the filename and 'casper-rw' as the volume label before the ext2 file is made.
This means you don't have to rename the file after it is made.

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