Saturday, 14 September 2013

E2B v1.09 released

This version has a few minor changes as described below:

v1.09 2013-09-14 Some sample .mnu files revised and added, .vhdmem, imz, imggz extensions supported, set DEFMENU=0 supported for no 'set default' menu item, .txt files now checked for 'title' keyword and user warned if missing.

If you set 


in your MyE2B.cfg file then the 'set default menu entry and timeout' menu item will not appear in the Main menu.

Also, if you accidentally create a .txt file for a payload file and forget to precede the entry with the word 'title' then E2B will warn you when it enumerates the files on boot. I have had several cases where users have forgotten to add the word 'title'.

.vhdmem will load the whole vhd file into memory.

.imz and .imggz are now recognised as valid fdd images.

I have also made available a 30MB download of E2B + the XP Mass Storage DriverPack files to make it easier to create an XP install E2B USB drive.