Monday 29 January 2024

Easy2Boot v2.20 released

v2.20 Change History

1. Add grubenv.g4b, grubenv and grubpath.g4b to allow grub4dos to be called from grub2\Ventoy menu system. See
2. Add check for RTC year each time E2B is loaded and warn user if year is bad. Indicates a flat CMOS battery.
3. In QRUN.g4b add user entry key C=CRC32 to calculate CRC32 of selected file.
4. In QRUN.g4b add secret QRUN dialogue user key ! so user can get to commandline for debugging at user prompt.
5. BugFix for .imgfdhd01 and other .img* extensions in QRUN.g4b - change QR bmp to URL. Typically used for Win98.iso booting, etc.

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