Tuesday, 18 April 2023

Download a 'LiveDVD' version of a Windows 11 ISO

NTDEV is the developer behind Tiny11, a slimmed down version of Windows 11 Pro which did not require a TPM and only needs 2GB of RAM, has now unveiled a new modified variant of Windows 11.

This is called Live11 (alpha): which is a live but cut-down version of Windows 11 22H2 64-bit which is loaded into memory. You can make a DVD from the ISO or legacy boot to it from Easy2Boot.

live11 mbr alpha 0.iso

The 4GB ISO is only BIOS/Legacy bootable at the moment (the next version may be UEFI-bootable too).

Simply download the 4GB ISO file and copy it to the \_ISO\MAINMENU folder of your E2B USB drive. Ensure it is contiguous. Then Legacy boot to the E2B USB menu and select the ISO and it will be loaded (slowly) into RAM.

Note that it will not boot under VirtualBox however, so try with a real system (minimum 8GB of RAM required).

The 4GB VHD file inside the ISO will be loaded into memory and then will ask you for your Country and Keyboard settings, etc.. Each time you boot you will have to go through these setup steps as all settings are held in memory and are lost on reboot.

The Edge browser has been removed to reduce the size of the OS, but FireFox Portable is available from a folder inside the ISO which should be present in Explorer - This PC as 'CD Drive (G:) live11 mbr' or similar.

Note that once booted, the C: VHD RamDrive only has 80MB of free space out of the 4GB, so you can't copy files to the drive C: (and anyway it will all disappear on reboot).

You may find it useful to safely test whether your computer's hardware can handle Windows 11. If your computer can handle Windows 11 in live operation without any problems, you can then permanently install the operating system on the hardware if you wish.

The operating system is also safe from virus infections because it is not possible to write to the DVD/ISO and if the operating system crashes, just reboot to get a fresh Win11 OS.

You can download Live11 for free here.

Note that Microsoft may consider the download as illegal and I take no responsibility if you download it and use it yourself without a Windows licence! It may be removed in a few days, so get it now if you want it!

For a permanent/persistent Win11 OS

If you want a permanent version, then simply extract the VHD file from the ISO and copy that VHD file to the E2B drive, make it contiguous and then select the live11.vhd file from the E2B menu system. The Country/Keyboard selection will be remembered on next boot.

You will also need to copy the complete FireFox Portable folder from the ISO to a folder on the E2B USB drive if you want to run a browser from the Win11 OS. Note that there will be little free space on the Win11 Drive C: drive, so do not try to add software or updates as you may quickly run out of space!

Because the VHD is not loaded into memory, booting is much quicker!

Windows may use up the free space in the VHD quite quickly however.

Note: The VHD file also does not work under VBox.

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