Thursday 22 December 2022

Free Christmas games

Don't just watch TV at Christmas, enjoy the time that you are together!

After a hearty and boozy Xmas lunch, many families play Charades, but here are two more games my family like and play quite often:

Call my Bluff

This is just like the TV game. You will need two large dictionaries (or online dictinaries) and split into two teams each with a captain.

1. Each team finds an obscure word in their dictionary. One person in the team must give the true definition and the others must make up false definitions.
2. One team starts first, states the word and then each team member 'defines' the meaning of their chosen word. The person giving the true definition can, of course, adjust it and embelish it, as long as they don't change the core meaning. The person(s) giving their own made-up but plausible definition must sound as convincing as possible.
3. The other team can ask questions (say 2 each) and then the captain must decide which one was giving the true meaning and then ask if they were correct. They score one point if they guess right.
4. Now its the other teams turn.

This can be quite hilarious, especially if you can lie well and can keep a straight face!

Like or Hate

Going round the table or room one person at a time, each person must say out loud one thing that they either hate or love, e.g. horror movies, Marmite crisps, oysters, Mr Bean, yellow cars, etc. and write either LOVE or HATE on a card.  The others must put their hand on their heart if they think you love that thing or stick their finger in their mouth if they think you hate it. You then must show the card and explain why you love/hate it. You record the scores as one point for anyone who guessed correctly and as you take the scores, each person must explain if they agree with you or not and why, as they lower their 'voting' hand.

 Instead of points, you can substitute shots (but maybe not for granny).

What are your favourite family games?

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