Wednesday, 13 January 2021

agFM v1.70aBeta available

The latest agFM v1.70aBeta version now understands files with the new .binacpi file extension.

If you have a binary acpi file which you want to patch your BIOS with (for instance to try to get ACPI support working under XP using a DSDT.bin file), you can change the extension of your file from .bin to .binacpi.

It will then by listed in the agFM menu system and agFM will present you with this menu when the .binacpi file is selected:

It uses the grub2 'acpi' command.

Note: It is dangerous to modify your BIOS using this command - it could result in permanently 'bricking' your mainboard! This option is only for experts and those that like to live on the edge!

Many modern mainboard BIOSes do not support XP. The ACPI tables are not written, tested or validated for the XP operating system. At best, modern systems will not run XP nicely (e.g. power states may not work correctly, laptop battery charging status issues, etc.) and at worst, it will BSOD when you try to install XP. Some people are modifying the ACPI tables in the BIOS to circumvent this issue by loading a bespoke ACPI table file using agFM\grub2 and then returning back to E2B to install XP without resetting the system. Once XP has booted, it loads the BIOS ACPI tables into the registry, but those tables can be replaced with custom ACPI table if desired.

See the Alternate Download Area for the new Beta version. Just extract the .zip file onto the 2nd partition to update agFM on your E2B USB drive.

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