Tuesday 6 October 2020

Readly is free for 2 months (offer ends this month)

This is just a heads up about the end of the Readly special offer. Readly is the online magazine service which I have been enjoying now for over a month. I have now cancelled my three paper magazine subscriptions as I now just use Readly to read all my magazines. This saves me about £9 a month plus I get to read dozens of the other mags that I am interested in!

The Readly special offer of 2 months free ends October 31st.

You can read all these and 100's more!
Photography, cars, games, fashion, DIY, hobbies, finance, etc. it's all there!

Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. Save money - OK, I admit it, my initial reason was that it was cheaper. If your household subscribes to lots of mags, you can save a small fortune!
  2. If I don't like it, I have nothing to lose - it's free for 2 months and I can always cancel the subscription at any time.
  3. I reckon I only actually read 50% of the pages anyway.
  4. I never re-read or go back to the old mags - every so often I throw them out, so why do I need them in paper format? I can always download a copy now anyway.
  5. Save the forests - the pages are useless as toilet paper anyway!
  6. Unlimited! I can now read 100's of magazines for free
  7. Browse all mags
  8. Free daily and weekend newspapers
  9. Access to all back-copies
  10. Searchable - I can search all mags for keywords instantly
  11. I don't have to wait for the post to arrive (which is sometimes a day or two late) - the latest issue is available very quickly on Readly.
  12. I get an email whenever a new issue comes out.
P.S. I bought an Amazon Fire HD 10" (#ad). It is cheap and ideal for reading the mags/newspapers on. I installed Google Play store and then the Readly app.

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