Wednesday 9 September 2020

E2B v2.05 and agFM v1.57 released


To update, click the Make_E2B.exe - Update E2B button.
Then check that you have E2B 2.05 and agFM 1.57 by MBR and UEFI-booting.

To add Ventoy, download the latest version of Ventoy .ZIP file and drag-and-drop the Ventoy zip file onto the \e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd file on the 2nd agFM partition.

Ventoy does not require the ISO files to be contiguous.

# Change Logs

E2B 2.05 2020-09-09
  1. Change sort code so E2B menu system can now work on systems with just 64MB RAM.
  2. Bugfix in Make_E2B.exe for Chinese language not working
  3. Enhancement - alphabetically sort files in LstFExt.g4b - so now \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP ISO files are sorted alphabetically.
  4. Add_Ventoy.cmd added - \_ISO\docs\MAKE_E2B-USB_DRIVE\Add_Ventoy.cmd can be used with to add or update Ventoy onto 2nd agFM Partition.
  5. Windows Install menu will display 'HDD1=GPT' if it detects that the first internal hard disk has GPT partitions.
agFM v1.57 2020-09-09
  1. Bugfix for MBR\Legacy install of Windows Setup not allowing Internal hard disk to be selected
  2. Update agFM version
  3. Ventoy support - F5 now will boot to Ventoy if present on Partition 2
  4. \e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd added (drag and drop Ventoy zip file onto Add_Ventoy.cmd to add Ventoy MBR+UEFI64).

Note: I have also updated eBook #4 and eBook #1. You can obtain the updates by using the link in the confirmation that was email sent to you by Payhip when you first purchased it.

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  1. hello Steve, Tnctr Serhat100

    I need your help on something, I would be glad if you could help. a1ive grub2 file manager is also here problem experienced at ventoy Legacy at
    the same problem occurs. This code is your suggestion for solution.
    "if [" $ {bootdev} "=" hd0 "]; then drivemap -s (hd0) (hd1); fi;"
    If Ventoy grub.cfg is added to the following lines, will the error fix?

    function iso_common_menuentry {
    unset vt_system_id
    unset vt_volume_id

    vt_chosen_img_path vt_chosen_path vt_chosen_size
    vt_parse_iso_volume ${vtoy_iso_part}${vt_chosen_path} vt_system_id vt_volume_id


    #special process for Endless OS
    if vt_str_begin $vt_volume_id "Endless-OS"; then
    iso_endless_os_proc $vtoy_iso_part $vt_chosen_path
    elif vt_str_begin $vt_volume_id "TENS-Public"; then
    set vtcompat=1
    if [" $ {bootdev} "=" hd0 "]; then drivemap -s (hd0) (hd1); fi #### Is it the right place?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Sorry, I do not understand. Tell me how I can reproduce the issue. Versions, names, facts !

  2. In Ventoy 1.0.21 and earlier versions, when I try to install iso in legacy mode, it is on a random black screen
    it stays, but the iso is loaded in the background exactly
    I am encountering the problem that occurs at this address.

  3. DLC? Strelec? Hirens? version? DETAILS!
    Did you try F5 - change resolution option - is there a text mode option?

  4. HKBoot_2017.iso

    ventoy grub.cfg

    850. if [ "$grub_platform" = "pc" ]; then
    if vt_check_mode 0; then
    legacy_iso_memdisk $vtoy_iso_part $vt_chosen_path
    legacy_iso_menu_func $vtoy_iso_part $vt_chosen_path
    if vt_check_mode 0; then
    uefi_iso_memdisk $vtoy_iso_part $vt_chosen_path
    uefi_iso_menu_func $vtoy_iso_part $vt_chosen_path
    set gfxmode=1920x1080,1366x768,1024x768,800x600,auto ### (I added it, I tested it 4 times because it works, I didn't encounter any problems. But I don't know if it's a coincidence)
    terminal_output gfxterm

    F5 I haven't tried

    Sorry, I'm using a translator because I don't speak English.

  5. Lenovo E73 Desktop (ThinkCentre)


  6. terminal_output gfxterm
    should fix the issue
    Please report it as Ventoy issue
    When MBR-booting we usually need to use
    terminal_output gfxterm
    before booting.

  7. Hello steve6375;

    I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you. Please watch, I shot a video of the error in the link below. I directly booted the usb stick that I created with Ventoy2Disk.exe without any changes or intervention.