Monday 30 December 2019

Easy2Boot v1.B8 is now available

This has latest version of grub4dos which has some improvements in the setmenu --string command (can now centre text within a menu and have a background colour for the text).

Difference from v1.B7 are:
  • Latest grub4dos 2019-12-30.
  • Improve E2B scripts to allow user to define a greater number of grub4dos environment variables (grub4dos max is 60).
  • New default background. 
  • Add .vhdx file extension (was removed in last few versions).
  • Update Memtest86 UEFI free version to v8.3.
  • Add Tails_generic_for_USB_HDD.mnu for generic menu for booting Tails ISOs from USB HDD. 

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