Sunday 13 October 2019

Add Medicat 18.10 to E2B

Because Medicat uses incompatible and mixed versions of syslinux, the ISO may not work 100% by just extracting the files from the ISO. You can use Rufus to prepare a spare flash drive first. Rufus should update and fix any incompatible versions in the ISO as it installs it onto the USB drive. The alternative if to use the E2B MPI ToolKit on the ISO file to make a .imgPTN file.

Note that the Medicat WinPE is NOT intended to be run as a DVD/ISO (even if it could be made to fit) - the files MUST be extracted from the ISO. MiniWindows will not work correctly unless the files are extracted.

Once you have prepared the spare flash drive you can test that all menu items work and then make a .imgPTN file using the spare flash drive as the 'source' by dragging-and-dropping the spare USB drive icon\letter in Explorer onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop icon.

Note that Medicat has bugs even when you prepare it in the 'official' way using Rufus.

If you don't have a spare USB drive then just use the Medicat ISO as the source. The latest version of the MPI Tool Kit should prompt you to use syslinux '604' too.

When prompted by MakePartImage to AUTO-CORRECT - answer N, do NOT update the configuration files.

AFAIK the functionality is the same if you directly use the ISO file instead of a 'Rufus' flash drive as the source.

You can also UEFI64 boot from the .imgPTN file to MiniWindows x64.

Medicat - notes and bug fixes

E2B MBR-boot

  1. Use the 'Alternate boot (syslinux.bin)' menu entry to boot to the Medicat syslinux menu.
  2. Use the 'Alternate boot - WIndows (bootmgr)' menu entry to boot directly to mini winPE.

If you want to remove menu entries 1, 2 and 3, then edit the \menu.lst file and look for the 'iftitle' lines and add  '###' in front of each line, example lines (not complete)...

###iftitle [if not exist /konboot.img] %mnboot%\n

errorcheck off


###iftitle [if exist /grub/menu.lst] Menu 2 (/grub)\n/grub/menu.lst
configfile /grub/menu.lst

###iftitle [if exist /boot/grub/menu.lst] Menu 2 (/boot/grub)\n/boot/grub/menu.lst
configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst

###iftitle [if exist /boot/menu.lst] Menu 2 (/boot)\n/boot/menu.lst
configfile /boot/menu.lst

# grub
###iftitle [if exist /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img || if exist /boot/grub/core.img || if exist /grub2/core.img  || if exist /boot/grub2/i386-pc/core.img || if exist /boot/grubi386.pc] %mnaltgr%\n
errorcheck off

###iftitle [if exist /g2ldr] %mngrub%\n

kernel /g2ldr


Modified \menu.lst file


To bypass the Medicat EULA 'Agree' prompt, replace the \eula.cfg file contents with:

#timeout 1/10 sec
timeout 1
label main_menu.cfg
kernel vesamenu.c32
APPEND /main_menu.cfg

To make the splash screen delay shorter, edit the \isolinux.cfg file and change the timeout from 30 (3 seconds) to 5 (1/2 second)...

default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 30

Harddisk Tools - Parted Magic

If parted magic does not work, edit the "\pmagic\boot\syslinux\syslinux.cfg" file and change DEFAULT menu.c32 to DEFAULT /menu.c32 or just type [TAB] at the boot: prompt and then run an option - e.g. type normal32  and press [ENTER]

Note: Sometimes boots if you wait 30 seconds?

Harddisk Tools - Gparted

Gparted does not boot even when booting from a USB drive prepared using Rufus.

gparted was possibly corrupt . To fix use a later version of gparted...

I used gparted-live-1.0.0-5-amd64.iso.
  1. Switch to the .imgPTN file
  2. Download a newer version of gparted ISO
  3. Extract the \live folder from the ISO and overwrite the \gparted\live contents on the E2B drive with the files from the newer version. 
Tip: If you still get a problem, try re-copying the \live files again.

Harddisk Tools - SuperGrubDisk 2

Does not load!

Remove User Account Passwords - Active Password Changer 9

Does not run PasswordChanger.exe once booted to WInPE!

Remove User Account Passwords - UUKeys Windows Password Recovery Pro

Bad ISO - gives BSOD. If you replace \_ISO\UUKeys.iso file with a Trial version of the ISO downloaded from UUKeys official site - it boots OK.

Remove User Account Passwords - Lazesoft Recover My Password

\_ISO\lazesoft.iso is missing!

But if you make an ISO and add it, it will boot OK.

Diagnostic Utilities - (Ultimate Boot CD)

Even if you prepare a flash drive using Rufus, most of the UBCD menu entries do not boot due to wrong syslinux version being installed - you just get an error message:  'linux.c32: not a COM32R image'.

One way around this issue is to use the UBCD grub4dos menu instead of the UBCD syslinux menu:

1. Replace the UBCD menu lines in \Main_menu.cfg with these lines:

label Diagnostic Utilities

Menu label Diagnostic Utilities (Ultimate Boot CD) ==>

KERNEL /boot/grub.exe

APPEND --config-file="configfile /ubcd/menus/grub4dos/main.lst"

text help

          Hardware detection and memory testing tools.


The other alternative is to just add the smaller 'NAKED' ISO to your E2B \_ISO\MAINMENU folder and only use it for non-windows menu entries.

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