Thursday, 8 August 2019

E2B v1.B5c beta now available

Changes from  v1.B4:

  • Allow file extension suffixes on .wim and .vhd files - e.g. boot.wim64, Windows 7 Ultimate.vhd64pwd.
  • Spaces in .vhd and .wim filenames are now allowed.
  • Bugfix - fix 'force'ing of file extension from menu - allows 'QRUN.g4b force.iso xxxxx._yyyy.iso' to override the yyyy file extension override. 
  • Bugfix - animation sometimes not shown on submenus.
  • New E2B_Editor.exe now displays opaque STAMPs (1-10) when a .cfg file with STAMPs is loaded (transparent stamp background is not supported).
  • New default wallpaper background.
  • New feature - display date & time anywhere on menu (updates each second) - see screenshot below.
  • Add a $$TrueHidePtn2.mnu sample menu file
  • Add Display_Disk_Partitions.mnu to Sample mnu Files\E2B to display MBR partition table of disks in system.
  • Add Display_DateAndTime.mnu Sample mnu file
  • Add latest grub4dos with enhanced setmenu command.
Time and Date can update every second

With the dynamic date&time command, you can use 24-hour or 12-hour time format and 2-digit month ("08") or three-letter English month ("Aug").

A simplified example to add to the end of your MyE2B.cfg file is:

setmenu --string=75=0=0xffffff="date&time"

The code below first tests if the version of grub4dos supports the new command before adding the string to the menu.

# Display Date and Time on every menu (max. 16 --string commands, use 'setmenu --string=' to clear all strings or --string=date&time to disable the date&time display)
# Can add own string with special replacement code strings of dd MM MMM yyyy hh HH mm ss AP - e.g. Display [2019-Aug-05  02:24:33 PM]
help setmenu > (md)0x300+9 ;; cat --locate=\x20AP\x20 (md)0x300+9 > nul && setmenu --string=71=0=0xffffff="date&time=[dd-MMM-yyyy  hh:mm:ss AP]"

71 is X co-ordinate, 0 is Y co-ordinate, 0xffffff is 0xRRGGBB colour.

The string can contain text, e.g. "Year=yyyy Month=MM Day=dd  The current hour is HH"

You could set up a hotkey in the MyE2B.cfg to permanently disable the date&time string:
()/%grub%/hotkey [ctrl+F2] "@setmenu --string=date&time"

For more details see here.

Download from Alternate Downloads Area - Latest Betas.

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