Wednesday 24 April 2019

E2B v1.B0 and MPI Tool Pack v0.039 now released

Available from Alternate Download areas here.

New eBook on UEFI multi-booting using WinPE images here.

E2B v1.B0 changes:

New Features
  • New X4 file extension suffix for partition images, .imgptnX4ffff will also add the partition image file ffff as the 4th partition.
  • File extension suffixes NCQ (non-contiguous+quiet), QUIETP (redir+redirp), QUIET (redir) added - e.g. WinBuilder_10PESE_x64_.ISONCQ.iso so that if the file is not contiguous it will boot without any 'not-contiguous' warning.
  • New .isoboot file extension to immediately run a linux iso using isoboot.
  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now creates a large 2nd partition if USB drive is > 128GB (if removable USB drive, Win10 1703 or later is required to get 2nd large partition).
  • New default wallpaper.
  • WinNTSetup ALT_ISO variable support added and new \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu for installing Win7 on modern USB 3 systems.
  • New SWITCH_E2B.exe which also looks on Ptn2\_ISO for X4 file.
  • Greek language added (thanks to Jeider)

Bug Fixes
  • Bugfix in countfiles.g4b for windows ISOs with .iso324GB suffixes not being counted properly (the Windows folder had to have at least one .iso file to be shown in menu - now it will work if just one .iso32 or .iso4GB etc. file is present).
  • Bugfix - fix bug in PWD file extension suffix code in QRUN.
  • Bugfix - Add fix30.g4b batch file to fix 'LBA30 contains code' error after selecting a .imgPTN file.
  • Bugfix - menu not displaying correctly on some system if menu help text 'tophelp' is positioned above menu area.
  • Bugfix - Vista\Win7 background not changing if \_ISO\Win7.jpg\.bmp present.
  • Bugfix - AUTO\DIRECT menu heading.
  • Bugfix - if only one .XML or one .KEY file is present it will now be automatically used.
  • Bugfix - if X4 filename is > 16 characters,Fix bug if '3GB', '4GB', '32' or '64' found in X4 filename it could prevent file from being listed.
  • Bugfix - .imgptn32X4cccc and .imgptn64X4cccc (32 and 64 not working correctly).
  • Bugfix - some XP ISOs not booting when used for 2nd time (bootfix.bin).
  • Bugfix - improve start LBA calculation for imgpnt files.
  • Bugfix - WinPE+XP Install does not work if use WinPE10, so removed Win10/2016/2019 folder choices from menu.
  • Add new E820 variable (set E820=0 in MyE2B.cfg if get black screen when boot to XP Setup on some Dell/buggy systems).
  • Add more checks for XP install where no internal hdd exists.
  • grub4dos 0.4.5c removed (0.4.6a has been stable now for over 2 years).
  • Windows ISO files in \_ISO\WINDOWS\Vista/7/8/10/etc. will now use default.xml file automatically if it exists in the same folder as the ISO (e.g. it can be a copy of the 'no key' XML file).
  • .ISO and .imgPTN files under \_ISO\WINDOWS (except XP) can have _nnn_ sort prefix numbers (e.g. _100_Windowsx64.iso) if you want to change the order of the files that are listed in the menu.
  • Make_E2B.exe small tweak to tooltip+button graphics.
  • SDI_CHOCO - nircmd.exe from SDI_CHOCO folder is now a self-extracting, password-protected zip file which you must extract before using SDI_CHOCO to prevent false AV positives.
  • Latest version of grub4dos.
  • isoboot.g4b updated to work with latest v0.33 gparted ISOs.
  • If name ends in Q or NCQ then don't show these letters in the menu if EXTOFF is set.
  • Add UUID and Volume label to the help text lines under menu if ISO file highlighted in menu.
  • PORTU_BRAZIL language improved.
  • Add SWITCHPE.mnu file to sample mnu files folder.
  • Add error check if bad command in MyE2B.cfg file + change blank $Default E2B Menu.cfg
  • Change to patch code for BOOTFIX.BIN file in Windows ISOs to prevent prompt to 'Press a key to boot from CD\DVD'.

Changes for MPI Tool Kit v0.093

  • Bug fixes for syslinux 603 detection and some kernel parameters were not fixed-up.
  • Add rEFInd files and CUSTOM_PE folder for UEFI WinPE boot options.
  • Add bootx64.efi if it is missing from a Windows install (file is obtained from users 64-bit Windows OS if present) - useful for Win7 install ISOs which have this boot file missing.

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