Thursday 22 March 2018

Would you be interested in an eBook for Easy2Boot?

I have started to write an eBook for Easy2Boot  (with pictures!) as several people have requested one.

Currently it has a working title of  'Getting started with Easy2Boot (or how to create a useful multiboot USB drive)'.

The content in the eBook will not be as detailed as on the E2B website (but it will not have all the repetitive text that is on the website pages either!). The eBook is intended to be followed as a 'Course'. It will be aimed at the intermediate Windows user who knows how to copy files and use Windows applications, but is not very familiar with Easy2Boot or using multiboot USB drives.

It starts with a few basic Chapters on E2B and how to make an E2B USB drive, but then has Chapters on:

  • Adding ISOs
  • Using .txt files
  • VHDs and WIM files
  • Using .mnu files
  • Adding persistence files
  • Using Windows Install ISOs
  • Using .imgPTN files
  • Adding a Windows10ToGo VHD
  • E2B configuration

Each Chapter will contain 'Exercises' which will detail how to add certain specific payloads to the E2B USB drive.

By the end of the eBook, you should have a useful E2B drive containing useful payloads.

I have not decided on exactly which specific payloads I should include in the Exercises to build a useful working E2B drive, but here is my current list:

  • AVG ISO (no persistence)
  • Dr.Web ISO + persistence
  • Ubuntu ISO + persistence
  • WinBuilder WinPE ISO (not sure which one yet) + PEStartup to add portable apps
  • A WinPE .VHD (not sure which one yet)
  • A WinPE .WIM (not sure which one yet)
  • Hirens 15.2 ISO
  • Windows 10 Install ISO
  • MemTest86 .imgPTN and Secure Boot
  • Clonezilla .imgPTN and Secure Boot
  • Hirens-type .imgPTN conversion (undecided about which ISO to use still)
The more advanced topics such a dual-image .imgPTN files for full linux OS's and the grub2 menu system will not be covered in the eBook.

What do you find are the most useful\essential payloads on your E2B USB drive? Note that I only want the payloads that you actually use regularly.

I am also undecided about adding a chapter on using VBox+VMUB to more easily test E2B. The problem with adding it, is that it adds complications due to the fact that a Removable USB drive runs as a 'Fixed disk' under VBox. Let me know if you think VBox+VMUB should be included.

You can email me directly at  steve at easy2boot dot com with your suggestions.

P.S. If you think you, or someone you know, might want to actually buy the eBook when it is finished  (it will only be a few $'s), tick the 'Cool' box to let me know that I am not wasting my time!

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