Sunday 12 June 2016

Add TechUSB and tuxpe to E2B


This Knoppix-based product is sold by RepairTech. It is part of their TechSuite. YouTube video here (TechUSB starts here).

FYI - I have no connection or affiliation with them.

Their TechUSB_Creator.exe utility creates a bootable USB flash drive.

To add this to E2B, simply drag-and-drop the drive letter icon of the TechUSB flash drive onto the MPI_FAT32 desktop shortcut (after installing the MPI Tool Kit) - then make a TechUSB.imgPTN file.

Note: If you want to add personal storage, then increase the default size of the .imgPTN file by at least 200MB.

After running the selected tests, the test results are also uploaded to their website (you will be sent an email with the link to the page after each test run). The trial will last for 30-days and no pre-payment is required or credit card.

TechUSB Desktop


See YouTube channel (WARNING: colourful language!) or see download page.

The tuxpe_1.0.1_iso.iso 32-bit WinPE-based ISO format does not seem to be 'understood' by grub4dos 0.4.6a or grub4dos 0.4.5c, so it does not run as an ISO in E2B. Also, 7Zip and WinRar cannot extract it's contents. Very odd!

However, UltraISO can load the ISO, so to get this to work, I extracted the \Sources\Boot.wim file using UltraISO and renamed it to tuxpe_1.0.1.wim and copied it to my E2B USB drive's \_ISO\MAINMENU folder.

The TuxPE_5.1.iso is a 64-bit WinBulder PE .ISO, and will boot successfully from any type of E2B USB drive if converted to a FAT32 .imgPTN file.

TuxPE_5.1 (64-bit)

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