Saturday 28 November 2015

E2B v1.75BetaH available with Windows Server 2016 support + bugfixes

In E2B v1.75BetaH I have added a new \_ISO\WINDOWS\SVR2016 folder for the upcoming Server 2016 release. It uses the 'Win8 install' grub4dos batch file and so allows you to specify a Product Key or XML file in the same way as for Win8 ISOs.

Please test it out and feed back any comments (steve at easy2boot dot com), as I intend to make this the new v1.75 release version soon.

Changes in v1.75


  • .isoBF file extension added (removes bootfix.bin from an ISO file so no prompt to 'Press a key to boot from CD'  - ISO file is permanently modified once patched) Note: bugfix in v1.76 as did not work in 1.75!
  • .vhdgrldr added
  • New ImDisk version for Win10 Threshold 2 Install ISOs
  • .imgPTN files can now be added to \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxxx folders (except \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP folder)
  • Fix for some .imgPTNxxx file extensions not working (imgPTNa23LBA,imgPTN23aLBA)
  • Fix for .mnu files not added correctly to the menus unless they end with a carriage return
  • SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.2 (has extra MBR check before switching partitions)
  • Server 2016 folder added
  • Language files (STRING.txt) updated and tweaked

You can download it from the Alternate Download areas as usual.

P.S. If someone would like to provide a translated Arabic STRINGS.txt and F1.cfg file, I will add them in...

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