Wednesday 7 October 2015

Switch_E2B new Beta version

Latest Switch_E2B is in
Google Drive download area
OneDrive download area

in Other Files folder.
email me at steve (at) easy2boot dot com  for an unzip password (not required on later versions)

Note: Password provided on understanding that I cannot be held responsible if it destroys your disk partitions! (but no bad reports so far...)

v0.1.11 changes
  • Automatically ask for Admin rights
  • No dependency on MS Scripting component
  • small cosmetic changes
  • Improved File scanning speed
  • Single Self-Extracting EXE which includes the getFileExtents.exe helper file
v0.1.12 changes
  • New Swap Partition 1 with Partition 2 button - if drive selected is a removable drive and has two valid partitions (#1 and #2 in table), then this button will be enabled and you can switch partitions to make all files on the 2nd partition accessible to Windows. If you have .imgPTN files on the second partition then you can now select one of them. 

v0.1.14 changes
  • Improved debug message for 'Please run as Admin' message
  • Search path changed from \_ISO to root \ so whole drive volume is searched for .imgPTN files (except $RECYCLE.BIN folder).
  • Only drives with a grub4dos MBR are listed (even if List all drives is ticked)
  • Should now work on WinPE x86 or WinPE x64+WoW64
  • Warns on any sector write to Drive 0 but allows it if you click OK - this is because under WinPE the USB drive may be Drive 0.
  • Some WinPE's may need msvbvm60.dll file in same folder as Switch_E2B.exe (in MPI Tool Pack)

Note that because Windows can only access files on the first partition of a multi-partition Removable USB Flash drive, you can only select .imgPTN files from the first partition of a Removable drive.

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