Wednesday 26 August 2015

Easy2Boot v1.72BetaL2 available

This version checks the version of bootmgr when you boot from a VHD file to check it is not the Windows 10 version + a new grldr grub4dos version.

It also has a new E2B default background wallpaper which should load a lot faster than the old one. Let me know if you like it by ticking the 'funny' reactions checkbox, as it is rather different from previous E2B wallpapers (or tick 'Interesting' if you prefer the old wallpaper)!

Alternate Download Areas:
OneDrive download area      Google Drive download area

RMPrepUSB QEMU issue

P.S. Under Windows 10, it seems that QEMU crashes if a System Memory Size of more than 930MB is set on my system (e.g. F11 in RMPrepUSB). Does anyone else see this problem?

To fix, untick 'No user prompts', press F11 and set the memory size to below 930MB!

Once it is working, you can tick the 'No user prompts' box again.

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