Monday 15 June 2015

E2B v1.70BetaB available

Just a few small changes:

  • If the filename contains the string 'bartpe' then the file extension .isomemF01 is suggested by QRUN.g4b.
  • You can now define different background wallpapers for the AUTO menu, the Windows Installer menu and all the Windows Installer sub-menus. This can be done by creating a specifically named .bmp file for each one (e.g. \_ISO\WIN7.bmp, \_ISO\WINMENU.bmp, etc.).
    You can create a .g4b file (e.g. \_ISO\WIN7.g4b, \_ISO\WINMENU.g4b) for each menu which allows you to specify any filename for the bitmap and also set the menu colours for each menu.
    For more details read this page.

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