Saturday 14 March 2015

MPI Tool Kit v0.045

Running .imgPTN Windows Install from a Virtual Machine

If you convert a Win7 Install ISO to a .imgPTN file and then boot in a VM to the .imgPTN file in E2B and run Setup from the CSM menu, there was a problem in that Setup would overwrite the boot code on the USB drive and thus both the E2B USB drive and the Virtual Hard Disk would not be bootable after a reboot!

The new menu.lst in MPI v0.045 now tries to detect if the payload of a .imgPTN file is a Windows Install payload and if so, it swaps over hd0 (the USB drive) with hd1 (the internal HDD).
This has two effects:

1. If the USB was set as HD0 in a Virtual Machine, when Windows Setup runs (Menu 1), it will install the bootmgr boot code onto the Virtual Hard Disk instead of overwriting the E2B USB boot sector like it did before (installing from a real system did not show a problem)

2. The USB drive is not listed in the Windows Setup Install drive list.

You will need to remake your .imgPTN Windows Install files from the ISOs if you want to fix these issues.

In addition, the Alternate Boot menu entry (Menu 2) now always swaps over hd0 and hd1 before booting via bootmgr.

Note: 0.045a has the Boot to internal HDD menu entry added which was accidentally removed from 0.045!

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