Tuesday 21 October 2014

E2B v1.57 released!

The new version is 1.57 as there have been quite a few Betas (v1.56 and 1.56a versions which weren't officially released). This version is available in the Alternate Downloads Area at www.easy2boot.com/download/ as usual.

Changes in 1.57 (from 1.55)
  1. New grub4dos \grldr (20141021) fixes exFAT bug with >4GB files + other small bugs 
  2. CPU 32/64 bit & Total memory displayed in Main Menu heading and Windows Install menu 
  3. New Sample mnu Files examples. 
  4. Weird characters such as ()!''&| may now work if used in Windows ISO and .imgPTN filenames. 
  5. 'Boot any key to boot from CD or DVD' Windows install prompt suppressed. 
  6. Default Aurora background compressed using lzma (reduced size). 
  7. .iso64 family of file extensions recognised (only listed if 64-bit CPU). 
  8. Fastload menu has changed (only seen if FASTLOAD is enabled) - now press F8 to refresh the menu instead of the separate REFRESH entry. 
  9. Change Automn.g4b and Automn.g4b to use 56MB area of memory instead of 74MB area so can use E2B on systems with 64MB of memory or more. 
  10. German STRINGS.txt and F1.cfg updated (thanks Frettt) 
  11. Aurora Wallpaper changed slightly to remove English text. 
  12. XP Install ISO won't prompt to press a key to boot from CD 
  13. Add compatibility for USB drives made using FlashBoot when using .imgPTN files. You must use RestoreE2B.cmd to restore the MBR though! 
  14. Polish language added (thanks 'no-way'!) 
  15. \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\Change_Language.mnu changed 
  16. Change_Font.mnu added to \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files folder (temporarily changes menu font). 
  17. If FASTLOAD is enabled, E2B now does not re-enumerate (count) all the Windows ISO files on first boot, so booting is now even faster! 
  18. Windows 10 menu added 
  19. Some corrections made for correct filename case if using a case-sensitive filesystem for E2B like ext2/3/4.
Frettt has kindly spent some time translating into German (proper German, not 'machine-translated German) the E2B text and F1 help text. He mentions E2B on his site here. His site(s) also contains a useful selection of freeware and tips.

Polish is also now available thanks to 'no-way'. Special thanks to Simone and Stephan for bug-finding and suggestions too!

There is a slightly new look to the background wallpaper (I have removed the English text from the wallpaper and moved it to the bottom so you can have a wider menu).

1.57 auf Deutsch (Main menu heading and footer can be changed using MyE2B.cfg file)

Let me know if you spot any problems (but try latest 'bleeding edge' Beta version first!).

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