Saturday, 24 August 2013

Easy2Boot v1.07 now available

Download Version 1.07 here.

  • Latest grldr gives better alphabetical sorting (e.g. _fred.iso now listed in E2B menu before afred.iso).
  • .isope file extension support - if WinPE2/3/4 iso then when wpeinit runs, the iso will be loaded as a virtual CD/DVD.  See here for more info.
  • WinPE ISOs (.isope) can mount the .ISO after booting and user can define any drive letter for the ISO and auto-run a post-cmd batch file once ISO is loaded. See here for more info.
  • ISOASK variable supported (is set, will ask user how to run every .iso). See here for more info.
  • Can force any .iso to run as if it had a different file extension by creating a .mnu file for the iso file. See here for more details.


  1. i have test version 1.07 on ace inspire v5-531 notebook.

    the windows xp dont really works. 1st step of the installation run successful through. all driver was found and it restart.

    at reboot and choosing of step 2nd and also 3rd step my screen just start shortly with the window start screen and then got black. it stuck there.

    can u help me to fix this problem @steve?

  2. Not seen that before. Which mass storage driver is picked? Did you try WinVBlock also?

  3. aspire v5 351 use USB i use the 2nd standard drivers from E2B 1.07 and also the Driverpack. and i can as i said format this disk of the notebook.

    it install all file and succeed the 1st install step. but at booting and start step 2 and also step 3 it stuck with a black screen

  4. aspire use:

  5. I don't think it will install USB 3 drivers as a mass storage driver and therefore it cannot see the USB 3 ports when it boots to XP.
    Are there any USB 2 ports or can you set the BIOS to USB 2 only?

  6. or try the WinPE XP install method using a Windows 8 WinPE ISO?

  7. how this WINPE method is working and where i can get this winpe?

    it seems to be the hd mapping after copying the iso of winxp in RAM and starting does not work correctly.

    because it stuck there.

  8. ok i have tested following.

    1. boot from E2B
    2. start winxp install (1st option with WinVBlock)
    3. change the boot at first from HDD instead of USB at start
    4. works

    i dont knew if this is a feature or a bug.

    thanks you very much for fast answere. it seems to work now.

  9. what is the batch file which reemove the firedisk after suceedfull install winxp in E2B?

    i have the problem that my windows still close if i take off the usb, cuz i forgot to remove firadisk after install winxp.


    1. Leaving FiraDisk installed should do no harm at all. I don't think that is the problem. The file that runs is called firadisk.cmd and will be in C:\Windows\OEMDir.
      Can you explain more clearly what the problem is? Is XP fully installed?

  10. if firadisk dont get removed from disk after installing windows, so the installed winxp alltime show up that an window disk is insert. in addition to that windows partion isnt C:\. instead of it any USB will be show as 1st partion in Explorer File manager.

    for advance user is no problem, but for ppl, who working for years on same system without experience. they will complains :)