Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tails you win! A new method for booting linux from an ISO file!

I recently came across a post on by cdob on how to map an ISO file to a partition using grub4dos. This technique has the advantage that it should work for most linux ISOs, even the ones that don't support booting from an ISO file!
It also can get around the problem of booting a version of linux from an NTFS boot drive, even if that linux does not understand or support the NTFS filesystem.
This means that even if your USB grub4dos boot drive is formatted as NTFS, you can boot nearly any linux ISO from it!


I tried this out using a Tails linux ISO file (which at the time I could not find a way to boot from an ISO file) and it worked a treat.

You can even boot from Ophcrack ISO file AND access the rainbow tables (no need to extract the rainbow tables onto the USB boot drive!).

If you have a linux ISO that you cannot get booting as an ISO file from a grub4dos boot pen/hdd, try this technique!

See for details.

See also here for booting Tails 3.16 from a USB HDD.

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