Saturday 16 June 2012


Some people have reported that the QEMU button in RMPrepUSB does not run on their system. This may be because I am using the qemu-system-x86_64.exe version 0.15.1. The latest version of RMPrepUSB in the Beta Downloads section uses qemu.exe and may give better results.
So far, I have not been able to make any version of QEMU boot a WinPE 64-bit iso, which is rather disappointing...
If you are having trouble getting QEMU to run after trying this new version, please let me know and let me know what OS you are running, etc.
P.S. The most common problem is that you are assigning too much memory to QEMU, untick the 'No User prompts' checkbox and select a smaller size of memory when you run QEMU (e.g. choose 900 instead of 1300). If that still does not work and QEMU does not launch, reduce it even more.


  1. I am having trouble downloading both and My download manager reports a server error; IE9, IE10, Firefox 13, and Google Chrome 19 all download only about 1 MB then stop (i.e. the download is technically running but is not receiving data).

  2. I have no problem - anyone else having issues?

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your great tutorials.
    I'm trying to create some thing like this:

    You've referenced to tutorial #63 and #36 but they didn't help and they is no clear guide to achive what you showed in that video.:(

    I wanna have this items on 8GB USB flash drive:
    1- Hiren's Boot CD 15.1 restored Edition
    2- Windows 7 Installer
    3- ERD Commander 2009
    4- Kasperky Rescue Disk

    Please help.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Armin
    Tutorial 63 has at the bottom of the page brief instructions on how to add the extra tools. The menu.lst file in #63 has some of what you want, but there are other tutorials on the site for the others.
    All you need to do is add the 'payload' files and then add a menu entry to menu.lst. Just look at each tutorial to see what you need to add.
    As a first step, look at the grub4dos tutorial and the embedded video to see how grub4dos and menu.lst files work.

  5. Thanks for your quick reply.
    I read and did them.
    Some problems occurred:
    my Win7SP1 ISO file is about 4GB and windows didn't copy that because it's too large. (I think it's because of FAT32 limitations)

    the next problem is extremely low speed in booting from ISOs. I guess they should extracted in someway.

    I was created a multiboot 1 years ago with Hiren's 14 but it didn't work anymore with HBCD 15.1 and I've formatted my USB drive.

    As I remember, I had used Yumi multiboot USB creator, but I can't remember what I did exactly. I just know that I extracted all files from windows and hiren's iso files into the root of flash drive, and also I had some ISOs (Kaspersky and ERD) and all of them were working fine.
    There was only a trick with "Resource" folder, I had to rename it if I wanted to boot from HBCD.

    When I replaced my old files with HBCD 15.1 files, it didn't worked anymore (Unable to load initial ramdisk...).

    I hope I can tell you my problem.

    Sorry if I'm not very well in English.

  6. There is a tutorial #36 on Hirens.
    If the file is over 4GB you must use NTFS.
    What do you mean 'slow' and what ISOs do you have problems with? Are the iso files contiguous or are they loading into memory first?
    Can you email me at rmprep @ gmai . com please if any more questions?