Wednesday 22 February 2012

v2.1.640 is coming!

This new version has a menu at the top. Unfortunately this can only support English as vb6 does not seem to be able to change the font set (e.g. Chinese) and also I do not have translated text for all  the extra menu items anyway. The menu headings can be hidden using the RMPrepUSB.ini configuration file and setting MenuVisible=False - note that this also disables their shortcut keys too.
RMPartUSB has been changed very slightly so that if FAT16+64hd/32sec is specified, then type 06 will be used for the partition type. This is required if booting to DOS 6.22 (DOS 6.22 does not support LBA FAT16 ptn types or any FAT32 types).
New version of WinContig will be added when it is available. Help PDF will also be updated.


  1. Thanks for your program, I have a problem with RMPrepUSB 2.1.644 when I make USB bootable with server 2008 and server 2003 x64. Everything works fine with server 2008 but not success with server 2003 x64. When I press F6 to load the drivers, I chosen both Firadis (64 bit) and Winvblock (64 bit), then It appears this sentence:

    "The device associated with following device driver will not work correctly on this computer: \firadisk.sys.
    The device driver is not compatible with the x64-based version of Windows your computer is running.
    This device driver may be required to complete Windows Setup. Please contact the device manufacture to obatain drivers compatible with the x64-based version of Windows.
    Press any key to continue."

    When I press any key it back to screen of load driver (F6). Please help me fix this. Thanks again.


  2. Try just WinVBlock. Maybe there is a later version of FiraDisk you can add to the floppy image?