Monday, 16 January 2012


This is my blog for RMPrepUSB and USB booting. If you have any comments on RMPrepUSB or the RMPrepUSB website at then let me know.


  1. Hi Steve, I am at a loss regarding tutorial #43. I have followed the instructions on modifying my windows 7 .iso for installation on a usb hard drive. My installation stops at the command prompt with the message "install.wim not found" For some reason my iso is not being mapped as a ramdrive? I know my install.wim exists and the mysetup.cmd executed from the windows 7 iso.

  2. Please email me and send details of your menu.lst and folder structure.

  3. VERY nice tutorial 59 (NirSoftPass) and script!!! One suggestion/typo: GetPass.cmd needs to be in the PassRec subfolder too, so this page should read:

    The folder structure should be as below:

    .\PassRec\(all files from NirSoft download)

  4. Thanks - I have altered the list now.