Monday 16 January 2012


This is my blog for RMPrepUSB and USB booting. If you have any comments on RMPrepUSB or the RMPrepUSB website at then let me know.


  1. Hi Steve, I am at a loss regarding tutorial #43. I have followed the instructions on modifying my windows 7 .iso for installation on a usb hard drive. My installation stops at the command prompt with the message "install.wim not found" For some reason my iso is not being mapped as a ramdrive? I know my install.wim exists and the mysetup.cmd executed from the windows 7 iso.

  2. Please email me and send details of your menu.lst and folder structure.

  3. VERY nice tutorial 59 (NirSoftPass) and script!!! One suggestion/typo: GetPass.cmd needs to be in the PassRec subfolder too, so this page should read:

    The folder structure should be as below:

    .\PassRec\(all files from NirSoft download)

  4. Thanks - I have altered the list now.